PERNIL WITH PERFECT CUERITO A daily delicatessen and Christmas must have the roasted pernil is a favorite in the islands and around the world. The pernil Sabor With Love recipe is a great way to get all of the classic flavors you love and be the star in  family and friends gatherings. By using our […]



Ingredientes/Ingredients 5 oz. de ajo fresco/ fresh garlic 1 cda. de comino/ tbsp. cumin 1 cda. de sal/ tbsp. salt 1 cdta. pimienta negra/ tsp. black pepper 2 oz. adobo 2 oz. oregano seco/ dried oregano 1 oz. cubito de pollo/ chicken bouillon 1 oz. ajo en polvo/ garlic powder 6 sobres de sazon/ sazon […]